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Green Woodpecker Seen.

Splendid Green Woodpecker

We have several green woodpeckers on the farm as they love the occasional ant hill!...

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In Sissinghurst Gardens

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Close encounters of the Badger kind...

July 06, 2015

Species : Baby Badger,   Range : 6cm
Species : Baby Badger, Range : 6cm
Species : Baby Badger,   Range : 6cm
Go faster stripes.
Time to be off, things to do, places to go.

Meet Boris the baby Badger! He certainly wasn't backwards about coming forwards. To be honest he didn't seem bothered by my presence in the slightest - it probably helped that I froze like a statue and held my breath for what seemed like two minutes. Moving ever closer, he formally introduced himself to me with a gentle sniff of my Camera-Phone, I don't know if his contract was up for renewal but he definitely wanted to have a good close look :o)

Finally he decided that perhaps this was something his mum told him he shouldn't be doing and he was off. Not in a hurry, but in the same slow methodical way he had appeared... it was time to go about his business and hopefully find some food, enough with this posing for photographs.

The great thing about going for a wander around the farm trails at this time of year is you never quite know what you might see. It's one of the best times to visit and stay in the holiday cottages. The wildlife is flourishing and as long as you are quiet, listen carefully and keep your eyes peeled you are almost bound to encounter something of interest.

August 29th is the first available spot now if you are looking for a holiday or just a short break and we still have a number of weeks free in September and October. As I write, we are preparing our prices for next year and any day now we will be starting to take bookings for the 2016 season.