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Green Woodpecker Seen.

Splendid Green Woodpecker

We have several green woodpeckers on the farm as they love the occasional ant hill!...

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In Sissinghurst Gardens

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The Magnificent Seven...Cygnets

May 17, 2015

Mother and baby.
Mother and baby.
Mother and baby.
The proud parents!
Seven mischevous youngsters is quite a handful.

We haven't named them yet, but the farm is very proud of its latest additions - 7 gorgeous baby swans. We have been keeping an eye on the nest (from a respectable distance) for about the last week, feeling sure that any day the eggs we spotted last month would be hatching. Sure enough, 48hrs ago the mother was acting as if a little something was ruffling her feathers. The next day we caught sight of the youngsters, seven in total. The parents are doing a great job and the cygnets are taking everything in their stride, like the proverbial ducks to water.